Elevon Enterprise India an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which is an associate of 100 Million USD group having interest in Automotive, different kinds of spray oils, High class Additives, many kind of Greases, Industrial and Speciality Lubes. Our lubes manufacturing units are based in UAE, Africa, Nepal and India and brand has many OEM approvals like MAN, Mercedes Benz, VOLVO, DAIMLER, JASO MA2, GSRTC.

With reality of Global warming, eco-friendly ways of pest and disease management in plant has become very vital tool in farming due to resistance. We also deal in all Agro inputs suitable for organic and non-organic farming under the brand, Eleagron. Our wide range of products includes herbal extracts for crop protection, integrated pest management, Bio fertilizer pesticides & stimulants, Bird feeder, Solar Trap, finally Birds & Monkey deterrents.

We are into marketing and also manufacturing of Argo Inputs for organic farming like IPM (Integrated Pest Management, Pheromone Lures and Traps) and herbal extracts for crop protection such as- viricides, fungicides, nematicide insecticides and growth enhancer and range of bio stimulants, bio fertilizers and bio Pesticides.

Our products ensure effective pest, disease control and helps induce systemic resistance and offer best the solutions for organic farming and farmers facing multiple issues in plants. Long-standing relationships with our manufacturers ensures a smooth supply chain for products whenever and wherever required. Our suppliers are strategically located, therefore we offer maximum flexibility and effective supply chain management to meet your needs in an constantly evolving market.

Our Agro Products are Ecocert Certified and SGS Tested for no chemical residue and Field trialled for high efficacy standards.