VIROCURE (Herbal Viricide)

VIROCURE is an aqueous herbal extract of several herbs which prevents the spread of virus within the plant and to healthy plants. It develops immune system in the plant cells making them less vulnerable to virus infections.

FUNGICURE (Herbal Fungicide)

FUNGICURE is a herbal extract of herbs which display and possess anti-fungal properties and thus is used as a broad spectrum fungicide against many fungal diseases like anthracnose, downy and powdery mildew, leaf spots, fruit rot and many others.

I-ZAP (Herbal Insecticide)

I-ZAP is a unique molecule derived from plant extracts and oils based on the principles of allopathy.
It is suitable to control all sucking pest like: Aphid, Jassid, White fly, Aphid and small stages of Chewing Pest (All Species Including Fall Armyworm), Mites and Mealy Bugs as well. It gives a knock down effect to all pests.

NEMOCURE (Herbal Nematicide)

NEMOCURE is an aqueous extract of eco-friendly herbs, which is a unique and only foliar nematicide in the world.

Profit+ is 100% natural herbal extract which influence plant to grow in healthy way.
Regular use of Profit+ results in continuous growth, greenery and flowering in all conditions.

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