Application: Eleagron MDG is a Monkey Deterrent Gel (Monkey Repellent) which is a non – toxic (Biodegradable), sticky Gel that makes the surface tacky & uncomfortable to Monkeys. Monkey avoid Eleagron MDG like humans avoid wet tar. It is very easy to apply, just apply the thick line of Gel with the spatula in the area where the Monkeys sit.


  • Eleagron MDG The Monkey Deterrent Gel will help get rid of monkey menace and nuisance effectively
  • Protect property and equipment from breakages created mob of monkeys
  • Reduce health and liability risks associated with monkeys.
  • It is harmless to metal structures, sealed masonry & ornamental metals. Hence, Eleagron MDG can protect your property from messy Menace created by Monkeys for a Six month or longer with one thorough application.


  • Manufacturing Units
  • Railway Stations
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Bunglow Terrace & Balcony


Description An inert non-toxic Gel (Biodegradable)
Appearance Light Straw coloured Gel
Coverage 250gm gel will cover 17 feet length with 1 inch thick line, 1 kg gel required 3.5 Sq. feet a thickness of 2-2.5 mm
Corrosive Non – Corrosive
External Effects No effect of Heat, Water, Air or Snow
Shelf Life Five years (Gel remains effective for years to come)
Effective life after application 6 months
Temperature (-30°C to 50°C) Stable
Water Insoluble - water resistence
Sunlight & Air Remains Stable
Flash Point 150°C