Description: Orchard Spray Oil has been specially developed for the protection of apple trees from the ill effects of San Jose scale

Application: Orchard Spray Oil is specially recommended for spraying on the apple orchards, in the form of an emulsion in water, so as to control the disease caused by the attack of a pest called San Jose scale. The spraying of the emulsion respiratory failure.

To make a stable and homogeneous emulsion, the oil should be added to the water and not viceversa, with continuous stirring. Orchard Spray Oil can also be used for protection of eucalyptus, cinchona etc.

Performance Benefits

  • Eliminates a high percentage of the pests San Jose Scale
  • Is economical in use since emulsion of 1:40 in water gives optimum results
  • Has no adverse or toxic effect on apples
  • Can be handled with ease in cold weather due to its very low pour point
  • Yields a very high percentage of kill without the risk of upsetting


Characteristics Orchard Spray Oil
Appearance Clear
Colour Red
Kinematic Viscocity, cSt @ 40°C 15-19
Flash Point (COC), °C Min. 150
Pour Point, °C Max. (-) 3

Environment, Health & Safety: Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in this PDS. This, however, may be affected by subsequent improvement in product (R&D). MSDS is available for all our products on request. Our products are unlikely to present any health and safety hazards with proper use for the correct application and maintain proper personal hygiene. Do not Spill oils on the shop floor, discharge into drains, ground or water sources.