MOTOROL Rubber Spray Oil is a low viscosity oil of selected hydro-carbons, specially developed for use in rubber plantations. Copper components are more “active” against pathogens and are potentially more phytotoxic.


  • Keeps the copper particles in suspension and properly distributed on the leaf surfaces and leaf stalks.


  • Recommended for spraying on rubber plantations.

Performance Standard:

Proprietary grade

Typical Specifications

Sr. No. Characteristics Typ. Value
1 Phytotoxicity Negative
2 Kinematic Viscosity at 40 °C, cSt 2-6
3 U.S.R. Value, % (Minimum) 80
4 Pour Point, °C (Maximum) 0

Storage and Handling:

  • Indoor Storage is always preferable.
  • Barrels should be kept horizontally with bunk position at 3 O’Clock 9 O’Clock position
  • During handling any contact with dust must be avoided.
  • Barrels should be kept away from dusty or heated areas.

Environment, Health & Safety: Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in this PDS. This, however, may be affected by subsequent improvement in product (R&D). MSDS is available for all our products on request. Our products are unlikely to present any health and safety hazards with proper use for the correct application and maintain proper personal hygiene. Do not Spill oils on the shop floor, discharge into drains, ground or water sources.